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I’d rather be fishing, golfing, swimming, sitting on a beach, hanging with my family/friends, watching a game on TV, shopping, sleeping, etc.  These are the quick responses to what would you rather be doing if you didn’t have to work or be at work?

For purposes of what we do, this piece is slanted to those who don’t have a job, but are trying to find the right one. Certainly you have your own questions about what it means to find a job you love. Perhaps you had one?

 Perhaps it’s never going to happen, but you’re still after the one you will really REALLY like. That said, if you’re not working, what would you rather be doing?


Why should you consider a temp role? What does it mean (if you haven’t done it before, or have just heard seemingly horrible stories) to take a temp job?  Temping can be different things to different people. It’s all relative to how you look at it, and where you’re coming from, and what you’re expecting to get out of it.  Here’s a quick list of what it could be.

  1. A time and a place. A temp job can be a defined timeframe. It provides a job seeker some employment income when they have limited or no income. Everyone needs to eat. For some people, this is that means to an end.
  2. A foot in the door. Perhaps someone has been trying desperately to get in with a good company. They’re not concerned necessarily with which one, just a decent one. They’re willing to give it 110% of their effort and dedication to turn it into something a year or two down the line. Let’s face it – even with perm jobs – you’re not going to get promoted to the next chief of whatever in the first 12 months. You have to prove what you can do and that you’re credible. Look at it as an opportunity.
  3. A rebuilding. Some people have been out of work for a while for legitimate reasons. You might just need a fresh start. That doesn’t mean that you’re starting at $50k/year after being out of work for 10 years. In most cases, this means “Advance to GO” – you’re starting over, but with new purpose.
  4. A bridge. You need some steady work while you look for something longer term. Perfectly fine. We expect this to occur. You were making $50k in your last job, expecting you to be content at $14/hour is unrealistic. Just be clear about your objectives so we can be clear with our clients. Some places are more flexible than others, but respect that decision, as they respect yours.

If you’re still nervous, let’s dispel some stigma attached to working a temp job.

  1. We’re not out to fleece you. We’ll be as clear as we can be about a job, expectations, and longevity. If you don’t have enough information, please ask.
  2. We don’t charge our candidates or take anything out of their check that isn’t mandated. Anything that comes out is supposed to come out (as with all employers).
  3. You get a regular paycheck (weekly) based on what you work.  If you worked the hours, we want you to get paid for it.
  4. We don’t place 100% of candidates that walk in the door. We try to make the best match possible for our client’s needs.  It’s not always a match for both sides.

When you think about all of these reasons for and against temping, do your homework before you start. We’d rather you be informed about the role, the expectations and your opportunity. If we haven’t explained it to the Nth degree, please ask. We might never know ALL the details, but we’d rather be in a position to have the conversation than not. What’s your ‘rather be…?’

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