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Post by: Tom Schin
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Customer Service is a mindset more so than a job title. I ask people all the time what sort of customer service experience they have and they all come at me with sixteen ways that they’ve interacted with customers. From answering questions, to cashing someone out, the intangible, “always on” type of answer rarely comes (which is what I’m always hoping to hear).

Having a customer service mindset is critical in today’s workplace. We all wear so many hats, do so many things, for many companies, it’s become the norm – the culture if you will – to just help out wherever is needed. If you’re not of that mindset, you should probably keep a fresh resume handy (hint hint).

What does it mean to have a customer service mindset? It means you’re always striving to the help the customer – past, present and future. You’re thinking of them and their interaction or exchange at any time. In our business, it’s both our paying customers, as well as the temporary workers we put on assignments each and every day.  Think you fit into this mold? Make sure you consider all of these:

  • Body language says a lot. If you’re walking the walk and talking the talk, your posture, facial expressions, how you physically engage with clients before, during and after the interaction is crucial.  You might think, “Customer Bob has walked away, I can relax now” when the reality is that Customer Suzy, Frank and Griselda are all watching and are impacted by the interaction.
  • Side Conversations. No matter how quiet or subtle you might think you are, another customer is always in ear shot. This can be talking about the weekend festivities, or snickering about the shoes someone wore. It makes someone else think twice about approaching you for fear of being equally criticized.
  • Sincerity.  You either believe the customer comes first, or you don’t. It comes across in everything you do. How you communicate with the end user, how you communicate with your friends and family is generally a good indication.

Customer Service implies servicing the customer. They’re coming to you because they need service or help.  If they could find a solution on their own, they would. It’s the old adage of treating someone the way you would want to be treated; meaning “good morning, please, thank you, I understand, let me see how I can help you or get you to someone who can, how can I make this a better experience for you.”

What do I mean?  The best examples I can think of are Disney, Southwest Airlines, and Cruise ship personnel.  People come back to them again and again, not because they’re the cheapest in town, but because the service is great and worth the cost of admission.  Their service is on 24x7. They type of people they employ, are always sincere, exude friendliness and a willingness to help – both in what they say, and what they do.  Be that employee – before, during, and after the interview, and everything in between.

AccuStaff prides itself on the type of service we provide to our customers and talent. We all handle things in our own personal manner. Whether it’s a customer needing temp warehouse workers, or a candidate needing help finding a job an administrative assistant, they are going to have similar experiences in how they feel after they work with us, because that’s our culture. Job seekers should look for that culture; in themselves and wherever they choose to work.