Hiring Temps

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Whether or not you’re a staffing industry follower, you can do enough research to find out that many companies in multiple industries hire through staffing agencies (aka temp agencies).  Some do it to cover for absences; others do it to manage their seasonal or regular recruiting patterns.  

Whatever their reason, companies are hiring on their own AND using employment services.

We look at it, and explain the benefit to prospective employees, as a way to get your foot in the door with some great organizations.  It may tell you of things you like as well as things you don’t like in various jobs. It’s unrealistic to expect that every job candidate will be a fit for every company, regardless of how talented they are.

As far as trends go, SIA recently commented on a CareerBuilder Survey with a number of statistics regarding employers hiring in various market segments.  Read more here.  What does this tell the job seeker?  Don’t limit yourself to hunting out companies on your own. Extend your search by considering using a Staffing Agency (Temp Agency), such as AccuStaff, as a way to create more opportunities for yourself.  Accepting a Temp job can help you pay the bills while searching for a position with longer term prospects.

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