AccuStaff's Favorite Interview Questions by Sara

At AccuStaff, we aim to help our talent develop the best skills possible in the efforts to find their next career step.  Each of our staff members took time to write out a question they like to include in their individual interview process.  Some of us like the question, some of us like the results it provides.  In any event, we hope you find the insight useful in preparing for your next interview.  Hopefully the insight helps you further develop your personal interview style.

Q- "What type of position are you looking for?"

Here's what recruiters don't want to hear a candidate say, "I don't know, what do you have?"  or “I’ll take anything, I just need a job.”

Its one thing to be open to multiple opportunities, its another to give the impression that you’re ambivalent and aren’t looking to the future. Job seekers should be confident in the skills they’ve developed over time, and be comfortable speaking about the duties they perform well. We recommend always walking into an interview with a set of goals and objectives. This can include highlighting your interest in positions that have things you enjoy doing on the job.

AccuStaff is looking for eager, competent and motivated job seekers.  Candidates should show interest, be prepared and ready to work!  Here’s an example of an answer that one of our candidates gave that really impressed us, “I’ve been a fork lift operator on and off for the past five years.  My safety record was always solid, and I enjoyed moving pallets in and out of containers because I knew I was helping my company with its daily goals.”  What this says to us is that the person wants to contribute to the company, they’re proud of their performance, and that they take pride in their work.  That sounds like a candidate we would seek out.


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