Interview Gaffes

This is a great article by Liz Ryan at Bloomberg Businessweek.  Don't we always say that?  Truly this highlights, rather low-lights comments and responses by job seekers.  The sad part of it is that so many of these applicants wonder why they never got a call back, never got the job etc.  We run into our fair share of responses similar to these either in person or over the phone.

One of my favorite 'gaffes' is the candidate who comes in to fill out an application, and asks, "Do I have to fill all of this out?" Tip to the job seeker: we prefer to have a level of interest in our applicants. Everyone has questions, and those will be answered.  Just remember that your body language and the things that come out of your mouth while in the lobby are points that will be taken into consideration, just as your work history and references are evaluated.  You're trying to sell a package of skills, talents, ability to get along with others, as well as motivation. Applications are a part of the process. Just about every employer has them.  Ms. Ryan mentions a motivated individual at the back end of her article which makes a similar point.  Take a few minutes to read through her article.

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