Rain Rain Go Away


Remember that song? Then there was the “it’s raining, it’s pouring…” song as well. Most of us sang it as kids. I can remember how we would sit in front of the window and watch the down pours of rain, especially those dark, thunderstorms, laden with lightning strikes. THERE, was the excitement.  Eventually that feeling of excitement waned as we got older, and rain was just rain – ho hum.

Now as a ‘grown-up’ I still get a little jazzed by a good thunder and lightning show, more so because of my kids, but then again, they are an inspiration in so many ways.

Searching for a job (whether you’re employed or not), can feel very similar.  When you’re first starting your search, there’s the excitement of it all. There’s hope, the thought of, “that’s perfect, “or “I can really do that job.”  As time progresses, and opportunities go by (by your choice or otherwise), that feeling eventually leads to that ho-hum feeling again.

Well, it’s up to you, the job seeker, to pull yourself out, and learn a lesson from your kids, or learn the lessons you’re teaching your kids (or friend’s kids).  Pick yourself up, choose to see the excitement in the thunder storms, and even more so when lightning strikes with a hot job opportunity.  Get yourself ramped up for the application process, the research, the interview, the thank you letter, etc.  After all, if you’re not excited about having lightning strike(figuratively or literally), it’ll truly show in your body language, your answers, and how you position yourself to the employer to be.  It’s fine to wish the rain away, but welcome the storms to come – they can bring you back to the points of view we embraced as kids, and lead to great approach for things to come.

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