Look Closely

look closely

There’s no magic wand that will provide you with the “Perfect” job.  There are always exceptions to every rule, but in general, there are always things you will and will not enjoy in just about any role, whether or not it’s a full time, part time, or even a temporary job (and yes, that includes temp jobs with AccuStaff).

Finding the right opportunity takes a bit of self-reflection as well as looking at others.  Some things I might suggest would be to start with talking with people who really enjoy the bulk of what they do.  What aspects are most appealing?

  • Interaction with people?
  • Having hands-on, physical work to do?
  • Independence?
  • Helping people achieve results?
  • High volume of activity?
  • High degree of problem solving?

To each person, these things are valued differently (among others).  You need to determine what things are most important to you, as well as evaluate the things you don’t enjoy as much. It’s like a pro and con list.  Keep in mind that you’re going to have some of these, just measure the most important pieces to have, and the most important pieces NOT to have.

Now that you have an idea of things you like/dislike identified, you need to think about things you’ve done well in the past.  We all like to think, “Hey, just give me a shot. I can do a great job at xyz, just show me what to do.” Employers hiring people don’t operate like this. Employers hire people for positions of need – they need a Quality Assurance Tech, because they have a need to ensure their products/services are of high quality.

Unless the job description says, “Will train” or “No Experience Needed,” the employer wants someone who’s had the experience listed in the job description.  Applying for things that you’re not qualified for (on paper –in almost every situation, that’s what matters) will be seen as wasting both your time, and the time of the hiring manager/interviewer who has to sift through the dozens of applications or resumes.   Applying for multiple positions you’re not qualified for could have your resume flagged and or blocked for all positions at a company (including the ones you’re qualified for).

In an ideal world, everyone lands in roles that they can succeed in. You could look at putting yourself up for positions you’re not experienced as being a risk taker, and hope that you’re the exceptions to the norm. We don’t live in a perfect role though.  Be focused and diligent about what you apply for so that you can really succeed in that role. Perhaps you’ll be given an opportunity to learn something new after you’ve demonstrated your strengths.  Try not to focus on being given a shot at the exception. Instead, focus on doing what you do best – helping others, being hands-on, analyzing trends, etc.  This may mean that you take a step back from the role you were in recently (before being laid off). That’s ok, be patient. You didn’t start in that role in the beginning. You had to acquire that experience with your last employer.  Your future new employer wants to see you grow into that role too.

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