Steady and Reliable


I was driving to work this morning, and saw a young turtle walking steadily across a busy road.  I avoided him of course, and quickly turned the car around, stopped traffic and saved him (maybe it’s a her – how do you tell?).  I’m a hero, yay!

What does saving a turtle have to do with work or finding a job?  Well, you can reflect on the tortoise and the hare story for sure. Fast doesn’t always win the race.  Steadiness is very important when it comes to:

Please don’t mistake this message.  It isn’t to say that you can be slow in your work even if you do high quality work. If that’s all you got out of this, you’ve missed the point.  Just take a couple of lessons from the turtle – be reliable, be the employee (or job candidate) employers are looking for.  And if you can, save one from becoming turtle soup – with all the rain we’re having, they’re all over the place!

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