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I read an article on Social-hire.com that talked about how quickly an average recruiter might spend reviewing resumes for a general job posting.  Six seconds is what they said.  Six Seconds!  That’s a quick snapshot of time to get your message into.  Those of you who are making your fancy versions with graphics, design elements, etc.  think again.

 More to the point, those of you with resumes that are several pages long, reconsider what you’re storing on line with the various job boards, or what you’re sending for each job you are applying for.  Keep in mind that a version you would bring to an interview might be a bit more detailed. That being said, you need to get the interview first.

It’s not to say that every recruiter will only review your resume for six seconds. But the point is there. For a competitive position, your resume will more likely be screened out than screened in if you don’t have a clean, clear presentation of your experience (as related to the available job). Just in case you're wondering, temp agencies and third party recruiters will look at in the same manner, if not a little more so because of their need to please their clients.

One last note to keep in mind (their article alludes to this), the front line recruiter (could be internal or third party) that initially receives your resume, may not be the hiring manager that ultimately decides on who to offer the position to. Pay attention to your audience, and position your resume and cover letter to them. Often times, the ad you are responding to will indicate who you should address.  Read the Ladders article here for more.

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