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Be Mindful

Post by: Tom Schin
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Customer Service is a mindset more so than a job title. I ask people all the time what sort of customer service experience they have and they all come at me with sixteen ways that they’ve interacted with customers. From answering questions, to cashing someone out, the intangible, “always on” type of answer rarely comes (which is what I’m always hoping to hear).

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Heat Stress

Post by: Tom Schin
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Summer time is upon us. We wanted to share some workplace safety tips to ensure that everyone have a safe and enjoyable summer both at work and at play. Heat stress occurs when the body is unable to regulate itself by sweating and one’s core body temperature rises to critical levels. It is a medical emergency that can lead to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and in severe cases, death.

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I'd Rather Be

Post by: Tom Schin
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I’d rather be fishing, golfing, swimming, sitting on a beach, hanging with my family/friends, watching a game on TV, shopping, sleeping, etc.  These are the quick responses to what would you rather be doing if you didn’t have to work or be at work?

For purposes of what we do, this piece is slanted to those who don’t have a job, but are trying to find the right one. Certainly you have your own questions about what it means to find a job you love. Perhaps you had one?

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The Beauty of an Interview

Post by: Tom Schin
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 Eye of the Beholder

I don’t know who coined the phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," nor is it particularly relevant to this discussion. The point is you’ve heard that phrase a number of times in your lifetime, and it carries across from those admiring a number of situations – architecture, nature, watching kids play at a playground. It’s all relative.  The same can be said about your interview process.

I can’t tell you how many people think they’ve ‘aced’ an interview, when in reality, they over shot, or overestimated how well they did. I won’t go as far to call it arrogance, but there’s a fine line between being just confident

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Calling All Bluffs

Post by: Tom Schin
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taking chances job searchpoker chips © Liz Van Steenburgh

I have a close friend I play cards with every so often. We make fun of him because he is always saying that he doesn’t bluff. It’s a point that’s argued left and right. He might not bluff, that doesn’t mean that often enough, he doesn’t make a poor bet, or get an unlucky hand, or get ‘rivered.’ It just brought to mind the number of people who like to bluff on their resume, or during their interview.

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