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 Project Manager Temp role AccuStaff

Location –Albany, NY
Pay Range - $40,000-60,000/year depending on skill and experience

We are currently seeking a Business Analyst for one of our clients.  This position is for a 2 year contract for a NYS Agency. This is a remote position.

We are seeking candidates for contract work for a NYS Agency - these contracts are expected to be 2+ years. It will include an annual review to continue the position.

This Business Analyst will be supporting Strategic Operations by designing, implementing, and improving business process and systems.

Skills and Experience Needed

Technical & Professional Skills & Knowledge

  1. Able to work independently and has a solid understanding of project management methods, processes, standards, and tools.
  2. Proficient at documenting requirements and specifications, and creating visual aids to represent business processes using standard methods.
  3. Experience and skill in discerning true requirements stemming from needs as opposed to business units' less critical wants and wishes.

Creativity in Project & Program Development

  1. The ideal candidate needs to have the ability to understand issues at the source level, and creativity find the least expensive, and most reliable solution.
  2. Ability to quickly identify and drive the best possible solution when presented with a series of opportunities and constraints.

Organization Skills & Productivity

  1. Ability to implement projects in a timely manner.
  2. Demonstrates the capability to manage all aspects of on-going projects with no supervision.
  3. Manage multiple diverse activities simultaneously, delivering on commitments, and operating with speed, accuracy, and strong judgement.
  4. Effectively discharges technical and project management assignments in a timely manner.
  5. Demonstrates strategic thinking connected to the organization's goals

Leadership / Interpersonal Relations / Judgement

  1. Ability to interact professionally with a diverse group, executives, managers, and subject matter experts.
  2. Provides guidance to junior stadd when appropriate and can supervise the day-to-day work of interns.
  3. Has full confidence of peers and superiors.
  4. People skills have developed to show leadership.
  5. Ability to motivate others.

Communication Skills & External Relations

  1. Strong customer orientation, with active listening skills and ability to understand and define and document business needs comprehensively.
  2. Produces effective and purposely written material that requires no editing.
  3. Constructively edits work and mentors junior staff.
  4. Effectively represent NYSERDA in difficult or complex negotiations with outside contact and customers.
  5. Present ideals clearly and concisely in oral and written format.

Primary Responsibilities, and Minimum and Preferred Qualifications

Skills needs to be successful:

  1. Experience in documenting requirements and specifications, and creating visual aids representing business processes using standard methods
  2. Experience with project management methods processes, standards, and tools
  3. Ability to elicit functional needs from business users and translates those needs to existing functionality to aviod customization.
  4. Ability to help identify and drive the best possible solutions when presented with a series of opportunities and constraints
  5. Ability to interact professionally with a diverse group
  6. Ability to understand, define, and document business needs comprehensively
  7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  8. Customer-oriented, with active listening skills 8) Sound knowledge of Salesforce, SharePoint, Tableau, and/or PeopleSoft

Certifications and Qualifications:

  1. 3 + years of experience in Business Analysis role
  2. Bachelor's degree in related field

IT Systems Used:

  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. SharePoint
  3. PeopleSoft
  4. Tableau
  5. Salesforce

Tasks include:

  1. Work with functional business leads and other business analysts to develop and transform requirements into systems design and implementation.
  2. Collect, document, map, and analyze business process and system dependencies.
  3. Gather, synthesize, and document business requirements.
  4. Effectively communicate status, collaborate, and problem-solve with relevant stakeholders.
  5. Collaborate with colleagues to identify recommendations for process improvements, overcoming constraints, and resolve difficult operational and technological issues.
  6. Identify and report risks to management.
  7. Document changes to the design and implementation of various systems which includes but not limited to: Salesforce, SharePoint O365, and PeopleSoft.
  8. Manage ongoing support requests and research / document the needs behind those requests.
  9. Work directly with and serve as the liaison between business units, technology teams, and support teams.
  10. Assist in quality assurance and defining testing strategies and risks. Provide significant contributions in the testing and debugging of new functionality.
  11. Assist in the development of training resources to support implementations.
  12. Assist in the improvement and integration of automation and tools designed to support work and decision making.
  13. Recommend leveraging existing functionality that might be available rather than building new.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned to support the Strategic Operations team.

Are you the right fit?

Our ideal candidates are the type of people that want to get up for work every day, not sit around like a couch potato. The best candidates for AccuStaff are the ones who look at a glass half full, and are able to take advantage of each opportunity to show how they can contribute.  Do we control every opportunity?  Certainly not, but like our clients, we search for motivated people who want to succeed.

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