Senior Project Manager

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Location –Albany, NY
Pay Range -up to $80,000/year depending on skill and experience

We are currently seeking a Senior Project Manager for one of our clients.  This position is for a 2 year contract for a NYS Agency. This is a remote position.

This Senior Project Manager will take the lead role in driving the strategic development and expansion of remote customer engaging in supporting electrification and decarbonization

Skills and Experience Needed

Technical & Professional Skills & Knowledge

  1. Has in-depth and technical/subject expertise in a technical or programmatic area.
  2. Has demonstrated sound judgement based on extensive experience.
  3. Has extensive awareness of social, economic, and environmental context of energy technology of Deployment issues.
  4. Recognized outside of NYSERDA as a known expert in the field.

Creativity in Project & Program Development

  1. Ability to develop and manage major complex projects.
  2. Capability to build/maintain a new multiproject program in at least one program element involving several interrelated projects to meet a technical or program goal.
  3. Ability to obtain co-funding or leverage private resources for projects with little or no assistance from the supervisor.
  4. Proposes new program directions and technical strategies.

Organization Skills & Productivity

  1. Ability to put required level of program in place.
  2. Lead difficult technical and project management work groups and assignments.
  3. Prioritizes, manages, and self-initiates multiple assignments while consistently taking charge of work groups.

Leadership / Interpersonal Relations / Judgement

  1.  Ability to act as team leader and thought leader of interdepartmental working groups on complex and/or sensitive assignments.
  2. Inspires trust and respect at all levels throughout the organization.
  3. Has a well developed bureaucratic and policy sense.
  4. Able to identify, distinguish, and maintain focus on primary objectives in developing program initiatives or resolving problems.

Communication Skills & External Relations

  1. Produces effective and purposeful written material that requires no editing.
  2. Constructively edits work and mentors junior staff.
  3. Effectively represents Authority in difficult or complex negotiations with outside contacts and customers.
  4. Presents ideals clearly and concisely in oral and written format.
  5. Makes presentations or serves as a panelist or workshop leader at professional meetings, conferences, and seminars. 

Primary Responsibilities, and Minimum and Preferred Qualifications:

Skills to be successful:

  1.  Knowledge in building sciences, residential energy efficiency retrofits, beneficial building electrification and decarbonization strategies, and energy modeling and energy saving calculations
  2. Customer and Contractor Communications
  3. Data analysis and reporting
  4. Ability to manage multiple contracts, initiatives, and synthesize-related activities
  5. Ability to solve complex problems and rive change among internal and external stakeholders
  6. Exemplary written and verbal communication skills

Certifications and Qualifications needed:

  1. Bachelor's degree required in engineering or building sciences discipline (advanced degree preferred)
  2. First-hand experience in related field
  3. 10 + years of experience in related field

IT Systems Used:

  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. PeopleSoft
  3. Salesforce
  4. 4) Adobe Acrobat

Tasks include:

  1. Manage daily operations of statewide residential programs, working with an implementation contractor and IT systems support
  2. Coordination with investor owned utilities in delivery of energy audits and use of energy audits as a gateway to current program offers
  3. Supporting new strategies for energy auditing and retrofits including remote/virtual audits and electrification audits
  4. Managing a network of participating contractors and recruit new participants
  5. Presentations to internal and external stakeholders
  6. Process invoices on a weekly basis
  7. Data analysis and reporting
  8. Contract management of various contracts related to energy auditing
  9. Perform other duties as assigned to support the key functions of the Single Family Residential team.

Are you the right fit?

Our ideal candidates are the type of people that want to get up for work every day, not sit around like a couch potato. The best candidates for AccuStaff are the ones who look at a glass half full, and are able to take advantage of each opportunity to show how they can contribute.  Do we control every opportunity?  Certainly not, but like our clients, we search for motivated people who want to succeed.

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