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 Project Manager Temp role AccuStaff

Location –Albany, NY
Pay Range - $40-43/hr depending on skill and experience

We are currently seeking a Central Service Manager for one of our clients.  This position is for a 2 year contract for a NYS Agency. This is a remote position.

This role will focus on the development of a new technical service solicitation that will be used across NYSERDA. This role would work closely across NYSERDA to evaluate current services provided by existing contractor pools, conducting voice of customer across the authority to create appropriate categories of services, evaluating opportunities to simplify the solicitation process while allowing flexibility with staff, running scoring committees, maintaining contact lists, and routing NEIS contracts. As the new solicitation is launched, this resource would provide similar services for other program contractor pools, paid memberships, and other centralized services opportunities.

Skills and Experience Needed

Technical & Professional Skills & Knowledge

  1. Has well developed understanding of relevant technical principles and their application to a program area.
  2. Develops/formulates Deployment issues, problems and needs in at least one technical area.
  3. Has acknowledged expertise at conceptual level of technical skills and knowledge in at least one program area.
  4. Has basic understanding of State energy/environmental economic development issues.

Creativity in Project & Program Development

  1. Has developed and managed projects with little specific direction.
  2. Develops new projects and co-funding sources with own initiative.
  3. Carried out development of several projects through competitive solicitation phase that may or may not result from own initiative.
  4. Has provided ideas and rationale for program development in at least one technical area.

Organization Skills & Productivity

  1. Has demonstrated ability to implement projects in a timely manner.
  2. Demonstrates the capability to manage all aspects of ongoing projects with no supervision.
  3. Is able to prioritize workload with other responsibilities.
  4. Effectively discharges general technical and project management assignments in a timely manner.
  5. Demonstrates strategic thinking connected to the organization’s goals

Leadership / Interpersonal Relations / Judgement

  1. Has demonstrated ability to effectively head working groups or program teams.
  2. Provides guidance to junior staff when appropriate and can supervise the day-today work of interns.
  3. Has full confidence of peers and superiors.
  4. People skills have developed to show leadership and an ability to motivate others.

Communication Skills & External Relations

  1. Has demonstrated ability to produce both written material and verbal presentations that are direct, recognize and focus on issues, are both comprehensive and concise and require editing only in most sensitive and complex areas.
  2. Is able to negotiate effectively with contractors and interface effectively with customers and other outside contacts.
  3. Has demonstrated ability to prepare and present papers at professional meetings, seminars and conferences.

Primary Responsibilities, and Minimum and Preferred Qualifications:

Skills to be successful:

  1.  Experience in procurement, contract management, supplier management is strongly preferred
  2. Strong communication skills with an ability to clearly articulate nuanced points across various stakeholder groups 
  3. Ability to learn quickly, process information, and apply reference knowledge in diverse situations 
  4. Skilled in managing multiple, diverse activities simultaneously, delivering on commitments, and operating with speed, accuracy and strong judgement
  5. Demonstrated problem solving ability, resourcefulness, adaptability, for surfacing value and pragmatic solution
  6. A penchant for mastering and understanding details for the purpose of simplifying the landscape for others
  7. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

Specialized skills to be successful in role include:

  1. Work with Contract Management to evaluate services provided by contractor pools 
  2. Conduct voice of customer across teams at NYSERDA to determine need for new/improved technical services
  3. Support development of a new technical services solicitation
  4. Evaluating opportunities that provide flexibility for internal and external stakeholders while minimizing administrative effort to support
  5. Overseeing scoring committees, including provisioning systems access to members, scheduling & facilitating meetings, maintaining contact lists
  6. Routing contracts and tracking progress until contracts are signed
  7. Facilitating NYSERDA staff in leveraging the Contractor Pools for their needs, which involves sending out bids to the firms, evaluating proposals, and entering into Task Work Orders with the awarded firms.
  8. Provide similar oversight and support to other contractor pools or centralized processes, as identified

IT Systems Used:

Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, One Drive, SharePoint Oracle Peoplesoft (NEIS), Salesforce, Tableau Atlassian Suite: Jira, Confluence

Are you the right fit?

Our ideal candidates are the type of people that want to get up for work every day, not sit around like a couch potato. The best candidates for AccuStaff are the ones who look at a glass half full, and are able to take advantage of each opportunity to show how they can contribute.  Do we control every opportunity?  Certainly not, but like our clients, we search for motivated people who want to succeed.

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