Getting Back to Work Safely

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Returning to work after crisis can increase the anxiety of employers, employees, and customers. We've put together a few helpful pieces of information to help you plan out your transition. These are helpful tips to keep in mind.

Some employers will have many of these items covered, but hopefully there's a couple of useful pieces of information in here.  If you need some ideas on where to look, vendors to seek out, etc. please feel free to reach out and ask. We're happy to share and discuss. Email Tom at 

Some elements covered here are factors related to 

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Returning to your physical work spaces and factors to consider
  • Handling Employee Morale - both existing and returning employees
  • Hiring or Rehiring post crisis -things to factor in and expect

Keep in mind, these slides are just a guide. For a full discussion, please reach out today. We're happy to discuss further and work with you to come up with ideas on implementation.