Look Closely

look closely

There’s no magic wand that will provide you with the “Perfect” job.  There are always exceptions to every rule, but in general, there are always things you will and will not enjoy in just about any role, whether or not it’s a full time, part time, or even a temporary job (and yes, that includes temp jobs with AccuStaff).

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Job Fair Tips

I visited a local job fair the other day, and each time I attend or exhibit at one, I find myself a little taken back at the huge range of approaches, dress codes, style, and personalities of candidates that appear.  There’s a long list of things that the general job seeker could learn just by watching from the back.  You can learn from the successful approaches of the job seeker that carries themselves in the right manner, as well as what NOT to do.

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Career Advice from the Movies

Road to your Job at AccuStaff

I saw a couple of movies recently and after seeing headlines of other blog posts (7 things I learned from xyz movie, etc.), the thought crossed my mind that you can extrapolate something from just about any setting. That being said, this isn’t a movie review post, just an effort to encourage readers to open their eyes and think about the things revolving around you and what you might take from it. I’ll try my best to not spoil the movies, but I’ll say spoiler alert in case you want to see the movies, and then come back to this.

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Wrong Turns

Wrong Way

I have the benefit of having to go through traffic circles pretty regularly. I like them – they’re an efficient way to clear up bottlenecks in traffic with the one qualifier that you must have people who know how to drive in them to make them work well (and safely).  Every day, I’m reminded on how this qualifier, while nice to have, is more of an anomaly than a reality.

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Bite Your Tongue

Foot in Mouth

Knowing what to say, and when to say it is sometimes a form of art left to Communications or PR specialists. Those who handle a great deal of public speaking engagements often have an advantage in knowing when to respond to something, and how to identify situations which require silence.  The rest of us rely on our natural instinct (defense, enthusiasm, challenge, etc.).

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