First Days and New Jobs

New Opportunities

Is it kitschy to blog about someone else’s blog? I’m going to say no because I think being referenced (in a complementary fashion) is a positive.  I caught this article by Mark Suster (@msuster) which someone shared on Google+ recently.  The amount of information that’s there was on point and very direct to the new employee. My opinion is that even if you’re not completely new to the workforce, these are still good lessons to pay attention to.

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Leaving a Job

AccuStaff Clapping

There isn’t always a right way and wrong way to everything, but when leaving a job, an employer’s perspective on this issue will be pretty consistent.  They all hope that employees will have the professional courtesy to provide notice that you are planning on leaving that organization (regardless of the reason or reasons).  

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Steady and Reliable


I was driving to work this morning, and saw a young turtle walking steadily across a busy road.  I avoided him of course, and quickly turned the car around, stopped traffic and saved him (maybe it’s a her – how do you tell?).  I’m a hero, yay!

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What Not To Wear

dressed up for work

Figuring out what to wear to work, an interview, applying for a job (including temp jobs), even a job fair, is a tough task. It’s really a complicated thing to figure out in the morning. Right? Wrong.  Dressing for work should be a relatively easy task for almost anyone.  

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Above and Beyond

So many people think they do all the things their employer wants of them and then some.  So many people have it wrong.  It has little to do with key contributors between the hours of 8 and 5. It's more than how many hours you work. It's an intangible that some people have, some people think they have, and sadly, some people don't.  For those that are already engaged in this 'always on' mentality, it’s hard to comprehend why this little ‘switch’ doesn't exist in others.

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