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You got the interview, now it’s your time to shine.


Getting the call is one of the hardest steps during the job search. You can prep the resume, write the great cover letter, but getting someone to give you the time to explain the how and why behind your resume seems difficult. It doesn’t have to be. 

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Little Lies


I read an article last week that discussed people using fake reference companies to pump up their work history.  I chuckled at it. Part of me wanted to be surprised and shocked by it, but that didn’t happen.  I was neither surprised nor shocked. References are important, but no more important than the other parts to someone’s candidacy – good experience, ability to pass pre-screening requirements, skills testing, etc.

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What does it take to land a job?

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It’s hard finding a job, really hard. It’s even harder to find the right job. When you factor all that goes into finding that elusive opportunity, you have to imagine there are (at least) ten or twenty other people fighting for their chance to earn that opportunity.  Like it or not, it’s on you, the job seeker.

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Interview Question from Heather

We are continuing our series of helpful tips on questions and answers for candidates going on interviews. This tip comes from Heather, Owner of AccuStaff:

Q- "What is the reason for leaving your previous employers?"

Applications often don't provide enough room to adequately state a reason for leaving a job.

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AccuStaff's Favorite Interview Questions by Chrisi

Of the companies you’ve worked for thus far in your career, which one did you most enjoy working for and why?

This is a great interview question to ask to help determine the best working environment for a potential candidate.  AccuStaff works with many organizations in the Capital Region and one of our main priorities is determining the best match for both our talent and our clients.

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