Getting the Call

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Getting the Call

Dear Job Seeker,

In the old days, applicants would receive a post card, a note, letter, or even an email indicating that their resume had been received, what the timeline was, etc.  It would provide an indication of where you fit in the funnel of other job seekers.



That doesn’t happen anymore. Why you ask? There just isn’t enough time in the day to tell every applicant that they aren’t going to be considered for the position they’ve applied for.  Just imagine, it’s a five minute call multiplied by the 50 job applicants for just the ONE job, for just the people who weren’t selected to be interviewed. That’s 250 minutes (4 hours+). It has little to do with want. It has to do with practicality.

Why weren’t you selected for the next stage? That’s another ball of wax. Here are a few common reasons. It’s not to say there aren’t others, but these come up frequently.

  • You’re not qualified. You haven’t done the job, and the company does not have the time to teach you the role. They want to hire someone who’s done it before (successfully).
  • Your job history is spotty. You may have a reason for all those 3-6 month jobs, but history tends to repeat itself and yours indicates that you won’t stay.
  • There are other candidates with stronger qualifications. Like it or not, someone else out there wants the job more than you, and has shown it in their resume.
  • Your resume doesn’t translate your work experience into what the job posting is asking for. This is one of the most common events. So many resumes are written to the company the candidate is coming from vs. the company they’re trying to get into. Would you apply for a French job with a Spanish resume?
  • Format, grammar, details. If you haven’t taken the time and effort to put a good resume together with details, grammar, proper spelling, what sort of attention are you going to pay to an employer’s products or services? Meaning, if you don’t care about your interests, how are you going to care about a company’s’?

At the end of the line, employers are looking for candidates who fit their corporate mindset.  We all want driven, focused, professional minded people – regardless of the industry.  Your resume/application should reflect your focus and determination.  Be clear on your objectives with your job search and be realistic on the positions you’re applying for. Need a fresh start? That’s fine. Please be open to taking a couple of steps back to show that you can fit and grow with an organization as many of their current employees have.

Kindest regards,

Employer from here there and everywhere


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