4 Ways to Improve Your Staffing Partnership

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young workers

If you haven’t worked in staffing, it’s hard to put your finger on all the things a recruiting or temp agency does. I’ve been at it for a dozen years and it still amazes me the things that come up.

There’s no doubt that hiring in a low unemployment rate economy is tough. Finding talented workers who want to work, and work for your organization, is tough. Add to that complexity that the employee you want is the same employee everyone else wants and the difficulty increases exponentially.

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The Beauty of an Interview

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 Eye of the Beholder

I don’t know who coined the phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," nor is it particularly relevant to this discussion. The point is you’ve heard that phrase a number of times in your lifetime, and it carries across from those admiring a number of situations – architecture, nature, watching kids play at a playground. It’s all relative.  The same can be said about your interview process.

I can’t tell you how many people think they’ve ‘aced’ an interview, when in reality, they over shot, or overestimated how well they did. I won’t go as far to call it arrogance, but there’s a fine line between being just confident

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Interview Tips

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You got the interview, now it’s your time to shine.


Getting the call is one of the hardest steps during the job search. You can prep the resume, write the great cover letter, but getting someone to give you the time to explain the how and why behind your resume seems difficult. It doesn’t have to be. 

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How Do We Find You?

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Where will you sit?

It’s always interesting to me to look outside the box and look at our recruiting world through the eyes of others. I was having a meeting with several other professionals about what we do and we were discussing job boards, and how recruiters find people. We take it for granted that every job seeker knows exactly what to do and how to be found.

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Little Lies

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I read an article last week that discussed people using fake reference companies to pump up their work history.  I chuckled at it. Part of me wanted to be surprised and shocked by it, but that didn’t happen.  I was neither surprised nor shocked. References are important, but no more important than the other parts to someone’s candidacy – good experience, ability to pass pre-screening requirements, skills testing, etc.

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