3 Tips on Interview Manners and Behaviors

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Most of us have seen online photos that might be posted on someone’s social media page, or from a newspaper site covering a local or community event (concerts, fund raisers, etc.).  In those photos you see people smiling for those great moments where they’re smiling and happy to be at that event.

What’s not planned, are the additional details in the back drops of those photos. It could be the photo bomb, could be someone acting inappropriate, or just being goofy. Those additional details can sometimes be taken out of context. The point being, sometimes things are seen in ways that aren’t necessarily intended.


In your job search, how much time and effort do you put into appearances?  I’m not talking about makeup and hair. I’m talking about subtle nuances.  Here are a few top things to factor in with regards to going on an interview, or event where you’re trying to obtain employment.

  1. The Reception Desk. This is probably the most talked about, but least realized opportunity to set you off on the wrong foot. This receptionist works for the company you’re applying for. They will no doubt notice your yawns, mannerisms, phone conversations and general professionalism while filling out paperwork, or waiting for your interview. This would include your sighs, ahs, and ums of possible visible frustration at having to fill something else out. Expect that once you set foot in the parking lot, you need to be completely aware and ‘on.’ If you show any sort of disinterest or demonstrate behavior that would indicate anything other than sincere interest in the position and company, that piece of information will make its way back to the person you’re going to meet.
  2. The Parking Lot. Consider the before and after. You may not think anyone’s watching, but sometimes they are. Generally speaking, future coworkers, managers, etc. are expecting you coming for an interview. They want to see how you present yourself. If you’re flicking a cigarette butt in their parking lot, tossing a wrapper in their parking lot, arguing with someone on your cell phone – prior to or after entering the company’s facility, someone probably saw it. How you handle yourself is on display.
  3. The Interview. Remember your manners in your interview. Focus on your posture, poise, and professionalism. Things not to do (body language wise):
    • Slouching (either up  at the front desk or in the interview room)
    • Yawning (self-explanatory)
    • Chewing gum
    • Leaning on interviewers desk/table
    • Crossing your arms

We bring these things up in lieu of discussing what or how you might answer the direct interview questions. That’s another topic completely.  We want to bring awareness to the fact that there’s more to an interview than meets the eye. If you haven’t considered these as part of the interview process, you could be in for a bit of a surprise. Every company wants interested, motivated, and dependable people.  If they could clone that aspect, they would. We don’t like to have reservations from the get go, so if you don’t mind your manners, those things are certainly taken into consideration when comparing you as a candidate for employment.

For more tips and advice, visit our blog and review the various sections that apply to your situation.  Remember, there’s always more than one voice in providing advice. Take the parts that can help the most, validate them, and learn from it.

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