AccuStaff's Favorite Interview Questions by Chrisi

Of the companies you’ve worked for thus far in your career, which one did you most enjoy working for and why?

This is a great interview question to ask to help determine the best working environment for a potential candidate.  AccuStaff works with many organizations in the Capital Region and one of our main priorities is determining the best match for both our talent and our clients.

Therefore, an essential part of our recruiting is hiring employees who will be motivated by their work environment, work well with other members of the team, and mirror the values of the company where they are assigned.

AccuStaff listens closely to our candidate’s responses to ensure a proper company fit.  Candidates should be interested in and motivated by a specific type of work atmosphere and it is important to convey this to the interviewer.  It is equally important to be honest about previous work experiences where you worked successfully as well as those where you did not.  This will help us determine a proper organizational fit and enable us to place our candidates in an environment that will foster their knowledge and skill sets.


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