AccuStaff's Favorite Interview Questions by Sara

At AccuStaff, we aim to help our talent develop the best skills possible in the efforts to find their next career step.  Each of our staff members took time to write out a question they like to include in their individual interview process.  Some of us like the question, some of us like the results it provides.  In any event, we hope you find the insight useful in preparing for your next interview.  Hopefully the insight helps you further develop your personal interview style.

Q- "What type of position are you looking for?"

Here's what recruiters don't want to hear a candidate say, "I don't know, what do you have?"  or “I’ll take anything, I just need a job.”

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Preparing for Interviews

Interview Prep is like Lifting Weights

There are people who (successfully) fly by the seat of their pants day in and day out for most of their adult lives. While we don’t recommend it, it works for some folks. These folks may thrive off of the insecurity of knowing what’s next, and how they might be able to adapt on the fly.

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3 Tips on Interview Manners and Behaviors

AccuStaff talent running

Most of us have seen online photos that might be posted on someone’s social media page, or from a newspaper site covering a local or community event (concerts, fund raisers, etc.).  In those photos you see people smiling for those great moments where they’re smiling and happy to be at that event.

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