Why Temp?

One of the most often received questions I hear is, "Why should I take a temp job?"

It's a great question - one that there's no right or wrong answer.  I can tell you that when I finished college, it provided with a great opportunity to try some roles on for size, learn a little bit about the business market and get accustomed to earning a 40 hour a week paycheck.  It certainly doesn't work for everyone, but it can work out well for many.

MSN posted an article on their site by Katilin Madden, a CareerBuilder writer.  It highlighted some of the best points of why one should at least consider going on a temp assignment. The full article is also listed on a couple of other web sites (search for "A temp job could be the key to finding permanent work this year").

We often run into situations where people come back to us and tell us that it provided them that "bridge" job in between things. For others, it got them within a great organization that they couldn't otherwise get an interview and allowed them to show their skills and demonstrate why they were a great fit.  It does work!

So for all you nay-sayers, please at least consider the opportunity or opportunities that you might be turning away from.  Agencies like AccuStaff provide both short and long term temporary and temp-to-hire positions with companies of all shapes and sizes throughout the Capital Region.  I'm confident in the results. You can ask several people who are in decent jobs now if they've ever tried it out and had success (or have a close friend who it's worked well for), and I'll bet you'll find some great stories in there.  The one thing I tell folks, is that they always have the opportunity to say no to a job offer.  But then again, what do they have to lose?

Good luck with your job search - hope to hear from you!

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