So What? It's Only a Job Fair

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Job Fairs are a great venue for the job seeker to find temporary jobs, temp-to-hire, or even permanent work.  It could be with any number of great companies, or with temp agencies such as AccuStaff.  Of course you still need to go through the application and interview process, but job seekers typically have an opportunity to learn more about a company before that stage when visiting a booth at a job fair.  Most don’t have that chance to learn the ins and outs and a chance to leave a positive impression on the recruiters or managers involved in the hiring process as one might when attending a job fair.

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Rain Rain Go Away


Remember that song? Then there was the “it’s raining, it’s pouring…” song as well. Most of us sang it as kids. I can remember how we would sit in front of the window and watch the down pours of rain, especially those dark, thunderstorms, laden with lightning strikes. THERE, was the excitement.  Eventually that feeling of excitement waned as we got older, and rain was just rain – ho hum.

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Helping Those Who Help Themselves


I was asked to host a resume workshop for a job fair recently.  Not having conducted a formal presentation on the subject, the topical directions jostled around in my head for a bit before I put my ideas down into ink. For me, these are typically free flowing discussions, but I wanted to be more organized than that given that people were coming to learn something invaluable to their job search at 8am on a holiday.  Once the main concepts started to flow, the additional brainstormed, incongruent pieces started to find their place in the flow of the presentation.

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Just Pick One


There’s a few ways you can interpret a title like that, depending on where you place the emphasis, who’s saying it, or even the context. Is it the impatient “JUUUST pick one?” or perhaps it’s “Just pick ONE,” as in the kid at the toy store that wants everything but can’t decide. For the purpose of our messaging here, we’ll talk about the later.

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Market Shift

Randy Woods from NWJobs recently posted this article which quoted one of our Randstad colleagues on his experiences with the job market in the Northwestern corridor of the US.  While they are clear on the other side of the country, the thoughts and notions discussed in the article are remarkably similar to what is unfolding in the job market locally.  We’re not out of the dark, not by a long shot, but there are several rays of sunshine poking their way through; and some spots are brighter than others.

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