Employment Verifications

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Q: Who do I call, or what do I do when I need to have my employment through AccuStaff verified?

A: The Work Number

AccuStaff uses a national service called The Work Number, which provides instant automated employment and income verification. As an AccuStaff talent, you can authorize lending institutions, credit card companies, property management companies and other employers’ access to your information.

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How to update your address

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Q: How do I update my address?

A: It's simple – you have two easy options:

Option 1 – call the Randstad Self Service Center at 877.601.7453; press option 1,then option 1, then option 1 to reach a representative to change your address.

Option 2 – visit the Randstad Self Service site online* at www.workplace.randstad.com; then click: Change Home and Mailing Address.

*Users without a login ID, will need to create one using their Employee ID number which can be obtained from the Self Service Center or by calling any of our offices for assistance.

Job Seeker FAQs

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Q: I am unsure what my health insurance coverage is with AccuStaff. What does it cost, how does it compare to the health exchange, when can I sign up, etc.?

A: To provide you with the most up to date and accurate insurance information, we ask that you contact our insurance vendor, Aetna/SRC, at 855-266-0913, Option 3. Aetna/SRC has a fully trained staff prepared to answer a variety of questions.  Talent trying to sign up can either call the number above, or go to www.powerofready.com/RGSFranchise.

Q: What is the process for getting signed up with AccuStaff?

A: We like to meet candidates face to face.  Among the steps involved are submitting your resume to us via email (resumes@accustaffny.com), applying on our site  and call our office to make an appointment. You can submit a short profile with your resume on our Apply Now page. 

Q: How often will I get a paycheck?

A: AccuStaff pays all of its employees on the Friday following the previous work week. 

Q: I would like to sign up for Direct Deposit online, but the Workplace is asking me for an Employee ID number.  Where can I find this?

A: Your Employee ID number (Company Employee Identifier) can be found in the onboard invitation email you received when we hired you. It is also located on your printed pay check in the upper left hand corner, or you can call any of our offices to obtain this information. You may also call the Randstad Self Service center at 1-877-601-7453. Follow the prompts for a"Franchise Talent." 

Q: Where can I find your job postings?

A: Our current positions are listed under the Careers page on our site. 

Q: Does it cost me anything to apply for a temp job with AccuStaff?

A: AccuStaff does not charge fees to any of its applicants or employees.  

Q: What happens to my employment status once I complete a position with one of your clients?

A: As you complete an assignment, you should contact AccuStaff to ask about future assignments based on your skills, availability and what we have available. 

Q: How often will I receive a phone call from AccuStaff?

A: Due to the heavy volume of calls we make and receive, we ask our registered talent to check in with us once or twice a week to touch base regarding openings. If we have a position that is time sensitive, we will reach out to our qualified candidate pool.