Application Process

 How do I Apply with AccuStaff?

Is the application process difficult?

How do I apply for work with AccuStaff?
We make the process easy. The first step takes only 5 or 10 minutes. If you're new to us, just input your basic contact information, and relevant work history, along with a place to attach a resume if you have one. Click our APPLY link above.

What happens then?
We review your work history then reach out to you based on our current or future client job needs. We'll interview you to gather all the pertinent information related to your job search. Everyone fits somewhere, it may depend on what we have available. If it's been couple of days and you haven't heard anything, give us a call. We'd love to review your file with you over the phone.

How long before I have a job?
That "depends." Each position is on different timeline. We'll educate you on our process, walk you through what we have and start a plan with you. Assignments can start as early as the next day (if all goes well), others can take longer. We'll give you the best estimate we can. We want you to be informed, so if you have questions, please ask.

Will someone train me?
Every position comes with job specific training. Keep in mind, that each role also has skills/experience prerequisites, i.e. software or equipment. I.e. if you haven't been certified on a Fork Lift, we won't put you in a Fork Lift operator role.