Employer FAQs

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Q: Our organization often has last minute needs or changes to schedules that affect our headcount.  How quickly can AccuStaff respond to our needs?

A: We customize our recruitment plans to each of our client partners' needs. Depending on your situation, we will develop a plan to ensure you have the appropriate amount of staffing levels that your business requires. We typically try to meet with each of our clients in advance of staffing needs to learn more about the operation, climate and typical position requirements.


Q: How often do you pay your employees?

A: AccuStaff pays all of its employees weekly on the Friday after finishing the work week. 


Q: How often will I receive an invoice?

A: AccuStaff invoices weekly based on hours worked by our talent at your facility.  Invoices are typically received via web link or PDF attachment on Thursday or Friday.


Q: What do you provide your employees?

A: AccuStaff has an array of benefits available to its employees based on several criteria.  See our Benefits page in the applicants and employees section for more.


Q: How do your bill rates stack up with other agencies?

A: AccuStaff prices itself competitively based on the work to be performed.  For more specific information, please contact our office at 518-869-8523.


Q: Can you conduct Drug and Background Screenings?

A: Yes. We can apply a 5 or 10 panel drug screen to our pre-employment screening services, and/or state/national criminal background screening to your process.  By default, we participate with the E-Verify process on all applicants.